Wednesday, February 11, 2009

wittgenstein by avrum stroll @ rm50

Spanning Ludwig Wittgenstein's entire career, from his student days at Cambridge to the entries inserted into a notebook two days before his death, this is an indispensable guide to a philosopher described by Bertrand Russell as the most perfect example of genius I have ever known. Combining careful organization with a highly readable style, eminent scholar Avrum Stroll outlines the unconventional backdrop to Wittgenstein's great philosophical achievements: his dramatic change of professions, his eccentric lifestyle, and his privileged background.Lively and helpful analogies punctuate this crisp and straightforward analysis of the philosopher's three great ideas, revealing the dramatic reversals of opinion that characterized Wittgenstein's career, and providing a penetrating insight into the way in which language shapes our world. As a comprehensive survey of Wittgenstein's unique intellect and a thought-provoking account of the realm where science and philosophy meet, this perceptive study will prove stimulating reading for students, scholars, and newcomers alike.

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