Tuesday, February 24, 2009

e-Stocks: Finding the Hidden Blue Chips Among the Internet Impostors by Peter S. Cohan @ Rm60.00

Publisher: Collins - 2001-08-01
Hardcover | 400 Pages

Book Information:

With every revolution comes confusion and turmoil, and the Internet revolution is no exception, The upheaval of the information age has sent stocks to the moon and back, and investors have either been very lucky or lost their virtual shirts.

The Internet is not going away -- it's growing rapidly and will continue to change the way we work, play, shop, communicate, and live. A few companies will survive and thrive in the wild ride to the New Economy; others will not. How do you find the long-term winners among the start-up stumbles?

Welcome to e-Stocks, your comprehensive guide to Internet stock picking in the real world.

e-Stocks explores the myriad forces that drive the prices of Internet stocks and shows you how to assess the value of companies, pick attractive online opportunities, and make wise purchasing and selling decisions.

High-tech strategy consultant, angel investor, and CNBC commentator Peter S. Cohan has a tremendous record for beating the volatile e-stock market.

At the heart of Cohan's strategy is the search for companies with real, viable, ongoing, profitable businesses. He demonstrates how to inspect the fundamentals of each company, assess its business model, determine the health of the Internet sector in which it resides, and place a value on its stock.

Addressing such vital issues as the value of the Internet as a source of new business, which Internet stocks are the best performers, and the characteristics of Internet companies that provide the highest returns for investors, this timely compendium features action-oriented insights such as:How to find the few profitable and rapidly growing Internet companies How to identify the early warning signals that a high-performance Internet stock is about to drop, before it's too late to lock in gains How to assess a company's future and pinpoint companies you should buy now

Don't let the high-tech stock market's turbulence discourage you from finding profitable, quality Internet companies that will outlast the hype, the chaos, and the cutthroat competition. The potential of e-stocks is limitless.


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