Monday, February 23, 2009

Ecosystem Management Adaptive Strategies for Natural Resource Organizations in the Twenty-First Century by William Burch @ Rm110.00

Publisher: Taylor & Francis - 1998-12-01
Hardcover | 1 Edition | 193 Pages

Book Information:
People have always managed their critical natural resources with care and respect. However, the definition of what is and is not perceived as a resource critical for their survival varies by time, place and culture. Documenting some of the perceptions, strategies and actions of some natural resource agencies as they seek to respond to the changed reality influencing their policies and practices, this book provides ample evidence that the traditional models guiding natural resource agencies and professionals have exceeded the point of declining return. Many of the chapters contend that there remains a certain trained incapacity in natural resource agencies as they seem to accept the opinion that people are a natural part of the ecosystem and then sidestep the full implications in actually trying to justify such an assertion. The text examines the nature of some of the challenges and responses and identifies some tools and ideas from applied environmental social science that may provide more effective and efficient natural resource policy, planning and management activities.


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