Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Managing Organisational Change By: GRAETZ

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Australia Ltd - 2001-05
Format: Paperback

Book Information:
Product Description
The complexities of change in today's business environment can be overwhelming for organisations, irrespective of their operating motives and resources. The pressures of deregulation, privatisation, tax change, social renewal and globalisation have compelled organisations to change regularly in order to remain competitive. "Managing Organisational Change" navigates the minefield of acronyms, catchphrases, theories and principles that are associated with change management. "Managing Organisational Change" weaves together the research, models and practical examples that shape change management studies. It explains basic concepts and theoretical approaches and their practical application to organisations."Managing Organisational Change" covers nine topic areas. They are: Understanding change - charts what organisational change entails, how it comes about, its constituents and its impact upon organisations; Strategy and change - examines the concept of strategy, the role of strategic planning and thinking in the strategy-making process and the relationship between strategy and change; Change tools - deals with the activities, programs and tools managers employ to make change actually occur; and, New forms of organising - highlights the most recent developments in organisational design, and considers the impact of these structures upon change.It also includes: Human resource management - discusses the management of human resources as levers for organisational change; Leadership and change - considers the dimensions of leadership and its effect upon change; Power and resistance to change - reveals the mechanisms through which power is used to prevent or facilitate change; Measuring and evaluating change - explains the methods of measuring the progress and success of change programs; and Problems of human adjustment and economic sustainability - considers the personal adjustments individuals face when confronted by change. --This text refers to the Paperback edition.


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