Monday, February 23, 2009

Control Engineering: A Modern Approach By: Pierre R. Belanger @ Rm110.00

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA - 1994-12-01
Hardcover | 494 Pages

Book Information:
An exciting new text for the advanced controls course, Control Engineering: A Modern Approach breaks with tradition by introducing a number of new topics--robust controls, for example--and omitting a number of topics dated by the use of digital computers. Belanger gives the student a real introduction to control engineering because he covers material at the introductory level that is truly new and up-to-date. Introductory controls students in electrical, mechanical, and aeronautical engineering benefit from the text's practical emphasis on modeling and simulation supported by recurring case examples and problems. This approach--used only in Control Engineering: A Modern Approach--gives the student a much deeper physical insight into observable and controllable models. The text is designed to be used with MATLAB software, and refers extensively to it throughout, emphasizing the computer as a regular and indispensable tool of the successful control engineer.


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