Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Shania Twain: An Intimate Potrait of a country Music Diva @ RM40

Shania Twain is not your average country music star, for her appeal extends well beyond country music fans. Millions of music lovers of all types have responded to her singular brand of country-pop, catapulting singles like "You're Still the One" to the top of the charts. Shania has the multi-platinum album sales, she has the high profile, she has the rapt attention of, it seems, the world...and yet she is far more than the sum of these many successes. Growing up in rural Canada amidst great poverty, life was extremely difficult for the young Shania. At age 21, both her parents were killed in a tragic car accident, and she was left to raise three younger siblings alone. The discipline and diligence she was forced to learn served her well in her music career, and provided the basis for her astounding success today. From the cover of Rolling Stone to the cover of Country America, this cross-over wonder has charmed millions around the world, and her fan base continues to grow. Here, finally is her whole story, complete with never-before-seen photos and insider information. This is book Shania fans have been waiting for.

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