Monday, February 9, 2009

Organizational Behavior: Foundations, Realities, and Challenges with CD-ROM and InfoTrac by Nelson, Debra L. / Quick, James Nelson, Debra L. @ Rm100

ISBN-10: 0-324-11695-0
Publisher: Cengage Learning - February 2003
Format: Hardcover - College Edition - Edition: 4

Book Information:
Organizational Behavior clearly illustrates how a sound understanding of organizational behavior can help students successfully navigate the complexities of today's organizations. The text itself is grounded in the theory of the field, cultivating an understanding of the scientific foundation of organization behavior. That foundation is then applied to the contemporary realities of today's business environment through in depth and insightful explorations of some of today's most compelling organizations. Throughout the text students are challenged to think critically about the material at hand and their own attitudes, refining the organization behavior tools that they will continually develop and employ throughout their careers. The prevailing theme of the text is change and the demands it places on people and organizations to grow and adjust while maintaining well being in an environment of constant and rapid change. Expertly written with a vibrant illustrations and design, Organizational Behavior, Fourth Edition is sure to engage your students.

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