Monday, February 9, 2009

Excellence in Business Communication, by Thill, 6th INTERNATIONAL EDITION by Thill, John V/ Bovee, Courtland L. @ Rm160.00

ISBN: 0-13-1273213
Publisher: Prentice Hall - 2004-04-01
6 Edition
656 Pages

Book Information:

This best-selling book captures the dynamics of business communication as no other on the market does. It presents the subject in a fascinating way, powerfully stimulating and motivating readers; this book gives the foundation for excellent, effective, and practical business communication. By offering ?On the Job? simulations that feature actual companies, readers apply business communication concepts to real situations and sharpen their problem-solving skills. Incorporating a three-step approach to writing (planning, writing, and completing business messages), Excellence in Business Communication covers letters, memos, e-mail and other brief messages, reports and oral presentations, and employment messages (including resumes and application letters). With its helpful appendices and a ?Handbook of Grammar, Mechanics, and Usage,? this a must-have desk reference for anyone responsible for writing business letters, e-mail, memos, and reports.

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