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The New Pioneers: The Men and Women Who Are Transforming the Workplace and the Marketplace by Thomas Petzinger @ Rm40.00

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group - December 2000
Format: Paperback

Book Information:

The New Pioneers introduces the entrepreneurs who are revolutionizing the way America does business -- from bankers to bakers, weavers to Web designers, manufacturers to medical researchers. In dozens of entertaining case histories and personal profiles, Thomas Petzinger shows that old-fashioned corporations are losing out to innovators engaged in creating collaborative workplaces, a value-added marketplace, and an economy overflowing with opportunity. Through compelling storytelling and incisive analysis, he illuminates how and why:

  • Technology is replacing economies of scale with economies of scope and locality
  • Today's entrepreneurs are redefining the meaning of "niche"
  • Radical compensation and motivation strategies are establishing a new kind of workforce
  • The family firm can serve as a model for all business
  • The new business ethos signals a return to fundamental values

    In The New Pioneers, Thomas Petzinger brings alive the people who are leading a revolution in American business. Petzinger contends that fundamental changes in the U.S. economy are being spurred by technology that obliterates old boundaries as well as new freedoms in the workplace and the efforts of entrepreneurs with a zeal for innovation and customer service. "We can't yet see it everywhere, but a great awakening is now under way in business," he writes.

    A columnist for The Wall Street Journal, Petzinger spent three years traveling across America to interview management gurus and businesspeople at the forefront of this economic seachange. He discovered that large and small businesses alike are succeeding by abandoning the old command-and-control ethos. In today's best-run companies, he notes, employees are getting the leeway to manage themselves. Petzinger profiles people as diverse as Pete and Laura Wakeman of Dillon, Montana, who built the Great Harvest Bakery chain by making their company more of a community than a corporation; Nick Gleason, a Harvard Business School graduate who eschewed a big salary to launch an Internet design company in a Boston ghetto; and Richard Knowles, who turned around a struggling West Virginia chemical plant for the Dupont Corporation. Provocative and well written, The New Pioneers is for top managers, regular working people, and anyone who loves a good business yarn. --Dan Ring

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