Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Marketing Yourself to Employers: A Step By Step Guide to Getting the Job You Want By: Dale Shaw Ferguson @ Rm40.00

Publisher: Hale & Iremonger Pty Ltd - 2001-12-12
Paperback | 159 Pages

Book Information:
We spend close to half of our waking lives at work. Whether that?s a miserable drudgery or rewarding and inspiring is within our control.

How many of us have fallen into the trap of taking the first job offer? Marketing Yourself to Employers helps you avoid that pitfall by providing strategies to help you devise a workable plan to reach your desired goal. In an easy to manage fashion it brings together the theory of effective theory of effective job searching with personal management strategies.

Marketing Yourself to Employers breaks each step into individual components. First the techniques are discussed, then the practical considerations outlined, and an understandable ? achievable ? plan devised. Easy-to-use flow charts serve as a quick reference for review, revealing your progress and success. Regular analysis of the Key Performance Indicators keeps you on track.

Marketing Yourself to Employers is jargon-free, and written in a reader-friendly style. It?s illustrated with flow charts, graphics and illustrations. It?s comprehensive, based on best practice and leaves nothing to chance.

Change your outlook and feel free to choose jobs with opportunities that suit you. Few activities will have a more lasting impact on your quality of life.

Comes with a bonus disc ? your personal job search manager.

By: Miguelmutien

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