Monday, February 9, 2009

Applied Data Communications: A Business-Oriented Approach (International Edition) by James E. Goldman @ Rm70.00

ISBN-10: 0471451770
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons - 2004-09-03
4th Edition Edition
608 Pages

Book Information:
This book conveys information technology aspects in a serious maner. How the information technology relates to business is elucidated very well. Case studies are provided at the end of each chapter and are applicable to real-life problems.

At the end of each chapter are discussion questions to help review important points presented in the chapter.

Answers to the chapter cases and the questions can be acquired from the publishing company.

I appreciate this book since it has taught me how business and information technology depend on each other to produce a profitable company. This book presents information technology aspects in a clear and concise manner, as compared to other IT books that delve into lingo and the like

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