Monday, February 9, 2009

Advertising by Principles and Practice William D Wells John Burnett Sandra Moriarty @ Rm75.00

ISBN-10: 0131202065
Publisher: Pearson Education - 2002-11-21
Format: Paperback

640 pages

Book Information:
Everyone has experienced memorable advertising: the ad or jingle that stays in your mind. But memorable advertising may not sell products or build market share—it may not be effective advertising. In these days of accountability, clients are asking that advertisers create advertising that meets measurable goals. The challenge with teaching advertising by taking theory and applying it to what is going on in advertising agencies is that companies have always been very guarded about goals and measures. Advertising: Principles and Practice has lifted the veil by focusing on EFFIE-award winners: advertising campaigns that have won awards for their effectiveness from the American Marketing Association of New York. These EFFIE-award winners reveal client goals and how these goals were reached. No other book takes theory and shows students how it is applied today to produce effective advertising—advertising that works.

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