Thursday, February 5, 2009

PCs for dummies

If the fact that PCs are everywhere still hasn’t made you feel warm and fuzzy when you use one, you’re not alone. They may be transforming how we all live, work, get our cars repaired, and balance checkbooks, but they’re not exactly intuitive.

Now you can take charge of these useful but perplexing creatures, and turn them into the productive citizens you know they can be. What’s exactly is a motherboard? Is virtual memory real memory? Once you learn the fundamentals, it’s gets much less complicated. So jump right into this 8th Edition of the bestselling PCs For Dummies, and you’ll quickly start getting the basics in plain English. Far and away the most popular and bestselling reference for beginning PC users, this friendly guide will explain how to:

  • Understand how a computer works, including the basics of I/O, processing, software, and storage
  • Unpack it, set it up, and plug in all the gizmos
  • Kick around on the desktop and fire up the printer
  • Open up the console and poke around the insides
  • Mind your monitor, mouse, modem, memory, and more

And that’s just the first half. In his cheerful and irreverent style, bestselling author Dan Gookin builds on the basics and really revs things up. You’ll learn how to network computers, map drives, set up a firewall, and tackle the trendy stuff like wireless networking, playing games, burning CDs, and searching the Web. Along the way, you’ll quickly appreciate why there’s been nine previous bestselling editions of this book. It’s funny, fun, and practical! Keep PCs for Dummies on hand and you’ll learn:

  • Ten common beginner’s mistakes
  • Ten tips from a PC guru
  • Step-by-step instructions on managing information
  • Up-to-date guidance on connecting to and using the Internet
  • Updates on the latest in hardware and software
  • Ten things worth buying for your PC

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