Monday, February 16, 2009

Microelectronic Circuit Design By: Richard C. Jaeger @ Rm70.00

Publisher: Mcgraw-Hill College - 2001-10
Format: Hardcover

Book Information:
"Microelectronic Circuit Design" is known for being a technically excellent text. The new edition has been revised to make the material more motivating and accessible to students. A new co-author, Travis Blalock, has joined the author team to assist in providing a student-friendly approach. A pedagogical framework has been included to include chapter opening vignettes, chapter objectives, "Electronics in Action" boxes, a problem solving methodology, and "design note" boxes. More examples, including new design examples, have been built-in, giving students more opportunity to see problems worked out. Additionally, some of the less fundamental mathematical material has been moved to the website.

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