Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Engineering Your Report: From Start to Finish By: Lakshmy Krishnan Rowena Jong Sujata Kathpulia Tam Moh Kim @ Rm80.00

Publisher: Pearson Education Asia Pte., Ltd. - 2003-02-26
Format: Paperback

Book Information:
Engineering Your Report: From Start to Finish uses a genre-based approach to teaching technical report writing to tertiary level engineering students. It aims to help students not only to master the conventional structure of the different sections of a technical report but also to write up these sections by making appropriate language choices. This book serves as a stepping-stone from the general type of writing expected of students in schools to more genre-based technical report writing suitable for technical writing in higher education. The examples presented, as well as the topical exercises and integrated tasks at the end of the book, are extracted from actual student reports, theses and research papers in the field of engineering in order to familiarize students with authentic writing in the target genre.

By: Miguelmutien

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