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Consumer Behavior, Eighth Edition by Leon Schiffman and Leslie Lazar Kanuk @ RM80.00

688 pages
Prentice Hall; 8 edition
(April 9, 2003)

Book Information:

In this eighth edition of Consumer Behavior, we examine the full range of consumer behavior within the context of .the expanding influence of the high-tech global environment in which we live. Indeed, the current edition represents our own transition in writing a book that has been researched almost entirely through electronic means from a vast array of global library sources and services. We have been greatly influenced in our thinking and writing by the impact that the Internet has had on consumer information, decision making, and purchasing options. This is reflected in the substantial increase in attention that we have given to consumers' behavior on the Internet, and the importance and power of the Internet as both a channel of information and a channel of distribution.

In this new edition, we have intensified our emphasis on marketing strategy, using both a theoretical and applications-oriented approach. Always true believers in the marketing concept, we have tried our best to meet the needs of our consumers—students, marketing practitioners, and professors of consumer behavior—by providing a text that is highly readable and that clearly explains the relevant and timely concepts on which the discipline of consumer behavior is based. We have supplemented this material with a great many real-world examples in order to demonstrate how consumer behavioral concepts are used by marketing practitioners to solve marketing problems and to develop and implement effective marketing strategies.

To make the eighth edition as useful as possible to both graduate and undergraduate students, we have sought to maintain an even balance of basic behavioral concepts, research findings, and applied marketing examples. We remain convinced that effective market segmentation provides the structure and direction for successful market practice; to this end, we have paid particular attention to revising and refining the discussion of market segmentation.

Overview of Major Changes

The text has been thoroughly updated and revised, yet substantially shortened to focus attention on critical consumer behavior concepts and to highlight the linkages between interrelated principles and processes. Some of the major changes include:

  • A major focus on how the Internet has changed the way people obtain product and service information and make purchases almost anywhere in the world.
  • The addition of thirty-two short cases, two per chapter, to help students learn by applying behavioral concepts to real-world business problems. These cases consider such things as product testing on the Internet, purchasing medicine online from another country, and customization.
  • An enhanced global outlook that fosters a richer understanding of the dynamics of cultural differences and enhances students' appreciation of the universality of consumer behavior.
  • Streamlined coverage through a slimmed-down edition designed to encourage and maintain student interest with a lively discussion of timely issues and cur rent marketing applications.
  • A comprehensive model, built on the simple model presented in the first chapter, highlighting the interrelationships between and among the concepts examined throughout the book and both simplifies and facilitates retention of the material covered.

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