Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A BEAUTIFUL MIND by Sylvia Nasar @ RM55.00

“HOW could you, a mathematician, believe that extraterrestrials were sending you messages?” the visitor from Harvard asked the West Virginian with the movie-star looks and Olympian manner.“Because the ideas I had about supernatural beings came to me the same way my mathematical ideas did.” Came the answer. “So I took them seriously.”
Thus begins the true story of John Nash, the mathematical genius who was a legend by age thirty when he slipped into madness, and who—- thanks to the selflessness of a beautiful woman and the loyalty of the mathematicians community — emerged after decades of ghostlike existence to win a Nobel Prize and world acclaim. The inspiration for a major motion picture. Sylvia Nasar’s award-winning biography is a drama about the mystery of the human mind, triumph over incredible adversity, and the healing power of love.
“Reads like a fine novel.” —THE NEW YORK TIMES
“Deeply interesting anti extraordinarily moving.” —OLIVER SACKS
“Superbly written and eminently fascinating.” —THE BOSTON GLOBE

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